What is Drug Addiction?

“Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.” – Carl Bard


               Drug related cases are very evident in the country. People are very aware of how dangerous drugs greatly affect the well-being of a person. However, the number of drug abusers in the country increased compared to the past years. Despite the fact that most illegal users of the drug were being arrested, still they continue to utilize it and the people around them including the youth may be influenced by such acts. Why so?  Experts says that drug addiction is a kind of chronic disease which is very compulsive and difficult to control.

               According PubMed Health, “Drug addiction is defined by the existence of both psychological dependence and physical dependence on at least one illicit substance such as marijuana, cocaine, crystal meth, heroin, synthetic drugs and even prescription drugs that can be effective medically are highly addictive.” It damages the control system and other functions of the brain which is responsible for the informed decisions and awareness from the harmful consequences brought by the substance. Frequent use of drugs can also cause brain changes that challenges an addicted person’s self-control and resistance from the urge of taking the substance again.

              Studies says that it is very unpredictable whether a person will get addicted to a substance or not. But there are certain factors which are the influences one gets in the surroundings. One factor is the genes. Parents who are using drugs may pass down the effects of using drugs to their children. There will be the presence of mental disorders and risks of using drugs as well.  Another reason is influences from the environment. Families with history of drug abuse and how the parents raise a child will have a great impact to the children. In addition, peer pressure, physical and sexual abuse may contribute to the risk of early exposure to drugs amongst the youth. Lastly, drug use is highly developmental. If a person is exposed to drugs at an early age, as he grows, the brain which is the most critical part of a human, slowly changes and most functions of the brain like decision-making, judgement and self-control are prone to damage.

               As said earlier, habitual use of drugs may lead to craving larger amount of drug to get high or to feel normal. According to Mayo Clinic, there are a lot of symptoms to be able to determine is active or addicted to drugs and these signs are further classified into 2 which is according to behaviour and characteristics.

               How does drug addiction reflect one’s behavior? When a person feels that he needs to use the drug several times on an everyday basis, craving for huge amount of drugs to feel good and high, spending money on I even though it is unaffordable or expensive, not committed to obligations and responsibilities at work, school and home, doing risky things and activities, doesn’t have time to do meaningful stuffs, having emotional breakdown like anxiety, stress and depression, and experiencing withdrawal symptoms when attempting to stop using drugs.

               In addition to the following symptoms and effects to the behavior, there are also signs that can be seen through the physical appearance and feelings of a person. Like the sense of euphoria of feeling high, redness of eyes, dry mouth, decreased coordination, increased appetite, slowed reaction time, paranoid thinking, heightened sense of visual, auditory and taste perception and sudden increase of blood pressure and heart rate.

               There is no cure for this disease, however, the effective way is to prevent to higher risk and consequences it brings to humans. People need to have immediate response and access to treatment. In order to do this, one needs the help and support of the family and friends. The treatment should be strictly monitored by them because will power alone of the victim is not enough. Another way is counselling and other behavioral therapies which is commonly known as rehabilitation.

               Overall, drug addiction clearly destroys a person’s life. People should have and raise awareness to issues like drug addiction in order to minimize and/or eliminate the problems our country is facing right now. Children and teens are prone to such habits and they must be mindful of the consequences they may suffer from if they start to use the harmful substances. Adults must be a role model and sets of good ambassadors in doing legal and good activities to the youth in order to have peace and good relationship among other people of the country.


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