A Part of Me

“Stop Doubting Yourself, Work Hard and Make It Happen.”


         I always excel in class ever since I entered school. When I was four years old, my parents taught me things what small kids should learn. That was the time when they saw potential in me so my parents enrolled me in kindergarten. Honestly, I didn’t appreciate what I was doing because I don’t know the purpose of doing such things.

         And then, I went to a private school to continue my studies. In my first year as elementary student, I topped the class. I was taught, trained, and practiced by my parents in different subjects. I worked hard to maintain what I accomplished. Each stepping stone was a lesson. Each lesson helped me improve my skills. However, I still haven’t realized the real essence of what I was doing back then. My goal was to excel in class and prove to everyone that I’m the best. Those thoughts were kept inside my head but never did I ever boast about it. I completed grade school as the valedictorian of the class. I was very happy since I succeeded and I made my family proud of me especially my parents.

         Taking the entrance exam in MunSci was unplanned. I never heard of that school before but I tried anyway. I was joined by my parents on a review session in the school to ensure that I will not fail the exam. Luckily, I passed and it made my family very happy because first, it’s a prestigious school and second, it’s free so they don’t have to think of the expenses.

         There were new faces and the environment was huge. I was too afraid and nervous that I might not be able to gain any friends since I’m not talkative. I was very fortunate to meet new people. However, my goal was fell apart. I was part of the top ten in class but I thought that it wasn’t enough to be able to call myself the best. I felt depressed at that moment thinking what my parents would say to me after finding out the result of my performance in school. It continued until I reached 8th grade. I didn’t worry too much. I completely forgot about my agenda. I was just “go with the flow” and to excel in class didn’t matter to me anymore. My parents said that it is okay to be that way as long as I know that I did best in class.

         But everything had changed when I became part of the overall top 10 students who performed outstandingly in grades 9 and 10. I gave my full effort, I became more responsible and hardworking than I was before. I reflected upon all the happenings and the opportunities that were given to me. I thought I truly deserve all of the blessings and I promised that I will never let all of it slip away to me again.

      All of these accomplishments were not made possible without my family who supported me on every steps that I take. I dedicate everything for my family especially to my parents who also worked hard to raise me and my siblings. That’s why I always do my best in school, so that I can give my family a better life than our present one. I can’t stand seeing my parents struggling to find money just to survive each day. It is in my hands. I will do anything and I will make sure that all impossible things will be made possible.


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