Famous Story Tellers of this Age

“Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.” – William Wordsworth


          In the recent two decades, I saw how literature evolved. From classic books down to contemporary fiction novels which are very abundant in the present. There are a lot of aspiring authors who focuses more on contemporary way of telling a story like dealing with everyday problems, finding one’s true love, building relationship among peers, etc. In short, they are fonder on writing novels with a slice of life to make every reader relate to it. However, reading and dealing with these kinds of books are boring sometimes since the story is very cliché and repetitive which makes me hungry for new and unique plot for novels to indulge to.

          In my three years of exploring the book world, I was attached in fantasy and contemporary theme books. Between the two, I personally love reading fantasy novels. Why? It’s very unique and imaginative which makes it comforting and entertaining among children, teenagers, and young adults. Fantasy books contains a broad plot, new setting, and awesome characters which arouses the curiosity of the readers and makes them to anticipate the story more.

          Two of the most famous authors, which I’m sure loved by many book enthusiast, are J.K Rowling and Rick Riordan. They’ve been in the book industry for so long and both of them may be considered as seniors and professional in writing novels for people who are avid readers and for ordinary individual who needs to become one.

          Rowling and Riordan writes fantasy novels. Rowling’s work includes the Harry Potter Series and the Hogwarts Library while Riordan’s write ups are the Kane Chronicles series, the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, the Heroes of Olympus series, the Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard series, and the Trials of Apollo series. They have written a lot of books and the novels mentioned above is just a fraction of what they have made in their entire existence as writers. Each book that they have already published presented unique plots and characters which is highly compelling and worth reading. They express their thoughts beautifully that’s why all of their works received awards from different book organizations. In fact, both Rowling and Riordan focuses more on younger readers. Many children had fun reading their stories and I can say that most of them were very entertained, and attracted to their works. In other words, their novels are relatable among children – also to teenagers – and I’m sure that because of the outcomes and feedbacks that these authors have received, they will continue to inspire and teach every reader life lessons and values with the use of the novels that they will publish in the future. In addition, the readers who became part of their journey as writers of famous book series, continue to anticipate what they might unleash since they wanted to discover new dimensions and to connect on the authors’ mind.

          We all know that every writer has a purpose and both of them have one. But to show this purpose, they have to write it in their own way. They have different writing styles which makes them very unique. Rowling’s Harry Potter series was set in the wizarding world and is told in second person point of view while Riordan’s Percy Jackson, Kane Chronicles, Heroes of Olympus, Magnus Chase and Trials of Apollo series showed a retelling of mythology in modern day and is written in third person point of view. An interesting fact about the origin of Harry Potter story is that J.K Rowling imagined already all of what is going to happen and how the story will progress while she was sitting on a train. In Rick Riordan’s case, he wanted to tackle different mythologies and folklore. Looking back from his works, he already made 5 book series all based from Greek, Roman, Egyptian, and Norse mythology which he amazingly set in the modern world.

          When Rowling write something, she carefully decide what word to use in order to make her work rich and outstandingly good and I observed that the stories she have written were serious which makes it more captivating. On the other hand, I can see and tell that Riordan is a fun and jolly person since all of his works contains humour. Diving into his novels is very comforting and entertaining for me because it uses common conversational words which I always encounter every day when I am talking to my friends and family. In addition to the dissimilarities, Rowling surprised her readers on the plot twists she added in her books and her Harry Potter series proved how magnificent she is because every book connects to one another which is very fascinating. However, the most annoying act of Riordan is when he always hang the readers on every book, in short, it is called a cliff hanger or open ended story.

          According to J.K. Rowling, “Read as much as you possibly can. Nothing will help you as much as reading and you’ll go through a phase where you will imitate your favourite writers and that’s fine because that’s a learning experience too.” Great writers including J.K. Rowling and Rick Riordan serves as an inspiration to all who aspires to be a writer someday. It is not my dream to be one but my goal is to write perfectly like these people. With the help of reading, I’m sure that I can learn anything and improve my reading and writing abilities.


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