Friends I Call ‘Family’

“We do not remember days, we remember moments.” – Cesare Pavese


           It is hard for someone to let go when he is very close to somebody. In my case, friends are the second most important people that has ever happened to me. Friends that I consider my family. It was difficult for me to move on from the past which we shared for four years. It was like a dream and I don’t want to wake up from it.

             One of the most memorable event that happened was when we, section Priestley, became part of the Math Dance Competition 2016 that was held in the covered court of Muntinlupa Science High School. It just so happen that this activity was our last one. Our a was to really give our best on this one since we wanted to overcome all the rumors and the false issues that had spread all over the campus regarding cheating on the whole event or culminating month. Despite the horrible conclusion of some, we stood tall and became more resilient. Our section tried to prove and show to people that they were wrong. All of the success and accomplishments received by our class were really a fruit of our efforts and hard work.

              We practiced really hard for it is our last dance together as a whole class. Teamwork is what we value on every tasks given to us. We’ve been there through good and bad times and this last dance will give meaning and prove the strong bond that we had built along the long journey.

              Before the said competition, preparation was made and we danced over and over again until perfection. One of our routine in every contest we had joined is that we always pray to God. We wish that he will let us be guided and give us strength to fight for the battle we expected to conquer.

             Until, our section’s name, Priestley, was called. Hearts were beating so fast. We were surrounded by every students of MunSci from grades 7 to 10. This is the battle which will be witnessed by everyone. The battle for acceptance, honesty, perseverance, determination, love for one another, friendship and family. The song was played and we moved like there’s no tomorrow. We enjoyed dancing to the beat of the music. I saw smiling faces on every angle. I just couldn’t explain what I’m feeling that time. I’m totally speechless. I was covered by bliss. No, everyone was covered by bliss. I didn’t feel the presence of the audience. I only saw my classmates like we were the only ones present in the gymnasium, practicing and just having fun.

            The highlight of our dance is when we threw our graduation hats up in the air. Lights were flashing, heads up high, faces were smiling, and tears were falling down as the song ended. The crowd started to clap for the performance. I was very happy at that very moment and also thankful for the opportunity given to us. It did not only mark to us but as well as to the people in the gymnasium who witnessed everything.

          I never felt so alive. That experience was absolutely memorable for me because it reminds me of them – the moments and memories we shared to one another. I felt that I really belong to the class. Despite the fact that we didn’t win the contest, I still believe that we won the hearts of all the students and teachers. I regret that I haven’t taken the chance to say to them how important they are to me. Those people are a part of me and they will be the family that I will never forget in my life.


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