The Unbreakable Vows

“It’s not the events of our lives that shape us, but our beliefs as to what those events mean” -Tony Robbins


I am committed to do the following:

  • I must love and patronize my homeland more than any nation.


  • I will give my very best not to please everybody but to prove that I am worthy to be independent.


  • I am willing to sacrifice myself for my family, and also for the country if that’s the only way.


  • I should build good relationship with others to have life contentment and a better community to live in.


  • I know that I am perfectly imperfect but I must keep in mind that there is always room for improvement.


  • I believe that I am not made by choice; I have the authority to build them for deciding what is right not only for my own sake but for others as well.


  • I must not hesitate to let change enter in my life, not because I wanted to forget what I am before but to reflect and to learn from them in order to build a better version of myself.


  • Dishonesty never prevail because I believe that working hard for a certain goal is worthier than doing nothing at all or achieving something in a wrong way by claiming something which one does not truly deserve.


  • I should be thankful for the life I have today despite the struggles I face every day.


  • I must not break my promises to others, especially the ones I made for myself.

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