Juvenile Delinquency and Media Illiteracy

“If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.” ― Albert Einstein


          Juvenile Delinquent and Media Illiterate youths are still evident nowadays. As I have observed, the number of young people who commit such acts continues to multiply if the people around them like the parents, friends, and even the government will not take action to the problems.

          These two problems that teens may face is actually interconnected with each other. But first, what are juvenile delinquency and media illiteracy? Juvenile delinquency is the participation of minors from ages 10 – 18 to criminal acts and illegal behaviours. On the other hand, Media Illiteracy which came from the words “media” and “illiteracy”. Media are mediums like television, internet, books, newspapers, magazines, etc. where we can get some of the credible information from while illiteracy means not being able to read or write. Combining the two, Media Illiteracy is having no abilities to access, analyse, evaluate, and create media from different kinds of medium and technologies.


          Based from my analysis, these two problems are somehow connected. Media illiteracy may result to juvenile delinquent teens. Why? Because people that doesn’t have enough access to media are not practiced in what we call critical thinking process. According to educators, media literacy is an effective and engaging way to apply critical thinking skills to wide range of issues. Since we are living in the modern age, young people who are not exposed to media does not apply critical thinking which may lead to juvenile delinquency. Uneducated youths tend to do illegal things. Example of these are taking drugs, killing other people, stealing, and violence or abusing others, etc. If not well treated, teens who does crime will continue to grow as time flies by.

          To avoid these problems, strict guidance from the parents is a must. They need to be responsible for their kids especially nowadays, young people are exposed to crimes which they think it can help their families in terms of financial problems. Counselling and educating the youth must take into practice especially at home and in schools. Parents and teachers should engage the children to media issues to enhance their critical thinking skills which may help them to think things up first before doing any illegal activities. Lastly, guardians should encourage the teens to go to school and to continue with their studies for it will them to get a peaceful and brighter life in the future.


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