“Each of us is a unique strand in the intricate web of life and here to make a contribution.”
― Deepak Chopra


       Nobody is perfect. Basically we are all perfectly imperfect. But my imperfection seemed too much. I’m Percy and I  must say I’m not normal. They all call me freak. “They” refers to my classmates who teases me every single day because I lack something externally and it’s my eye. Ever since I was born, there has been a problem with my left eye. And as I grow up, I only see things with my right eye which is very difficult.

          I don’t have any friends in school. People tend to move away like I’m a deadly virus. and some bully me. My parents always say to me that I should stay away from fights so ignorance is my only way out.

          One day while in science class, our teacher required us to have a partner. I felt sad yet I accepted the fact that no one will ever be close to me and I won’t experience teamwork like my classmates always do. I’m always alone. I love being alone and I’m used to it. It’s peaceful but I’m missing out the beauty of life. I should hang out with friends, build relationships, tell stories, share my secrets and many more. How I wish I could have one. However, those days won’t even come and it will never be.

          It is time to go home. Another day to bond with my family and of course with myself. Every time at dinner, my parents always ask me about my day. Well, I always say that it was fine and I enjoyed talking to my friends and such. It was all a lie. I don’t want to them to worry about me. I wanted to prove them that I can handle things on my own. Every night, my conscience is eating me. What can I do? I don’t want to be a weakling. Sometimes I ask myself I could just remove myself in this world. I don’t have a place here. As i said, I can’t do it. What I must do is to endure the struggles and pain that I feel everyday, every single day going to school and at home.

          The next day… It’s science class again. I hate to say it but this semester, we will work again in pairs.  How nice, I thought it was for yesterday only. I don’t expect someone to accept me but suddenly a transferee from other school came inside the room. The person who came is a girl and we became partners. I can tell by her looks that she is very cheerful and friendly person. I was right. She introduced herself to me. Her name is Annabeth, the most beautiful girl I have ever met.

          I can’t explain further how happy I am after I met her. It’s like I’m just dreaming and if it’s a dream, I never want to escape from it. She was very honest to me. I thought it will only last that day but it wasn’t. We became close friends. She is my very first friend and I will treasure her forever. With Annabeth, I realized that, yes, I’m not normal but I’m absolutely special.


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