The Uniqueness of My Parents

“Love your parents. We are so busy growing up, we often forget they are also growing old.”


          Parents are the most important people in our lives and they have great impacts and contribution when it comes to enhancing our characters and personalities. Without them, we wouldn’t be standing right now, doing all the things we took for granted. As a child of my parents, I understand and appreciate of the patience and sacrifice that they did for me just to improve our way of living. Despite all of efforts and support, what are the traits they possess which still made them a perfect match for each other. In addition to this, a study said that two couples with opposite personalities ends up to be a great partner. Going back, what are they exactly?

          My dad is very self-reliant. He can do a lot of things on his own which I admire the most. I guess I inherit that from him, being independent and always having thoughts that I can do anything with my capabilities and skills, and as long as I don’t give up on any obstacles and challenges that I may face. My mom does the same however she can’t do it on her own. When she is experiencing problems, as I’ve observed, she can’t do it alone. She really do need help from us or from our reliable relatives.


          My mother is a risk-taker. There may be two possible effects of being a risk-taker. It’s either positive or negative depending on how one think or decide. It’s painful to say but she usually doesn’t decide on things very clearly. She doesn’t dig deep to the situation which will greatly affect her and the people around her. I know this because I am close to her. Before she was not like that but as time flies by, there are changes happening. As for my father, he decides and analyses things first before doing an action because he doesn’t want to mess up the product of his efforts.


          The creative one is my father. When it comes to projects, he always help my siblings when they were still young. Since I’m older now, I can do creative things on my own. My mother may not be helpful with designs, however she is always there to support me and aid me with materials that I need.

          They’re both secretive. People hide things all the time and the reason is that they don’t want to add more problems to the family. They are very resourceful. We do not waste money. If there are items that are already for trash, we tend to reuse it for a certain purpose. They are both supportive in everything that I do. If I did well or not on my studies, they encourage me to do better and be optimistic. They are very hardworking, understanding, caring, loving, kind, brave, reliable, disciplined and responsible parents.


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