Coming to an Awareness of Language (Malcolm X)

“Literacy is the fertilizer needed for development and democracy to take root and grow.” – David Archer




Literacy and Education enables us to expand our horizons in different words and languages, and to discover new ideas that existed in the world.


How did I improve my reading and writing abilities? Well, I admit that I haven’t yet fully develop my skills in both aspects. When IΒ was still a child, I’ve been thought by my parents to read story books to expand my knowledge about certain words that I have yet to discover. I was exposed to novels when I entered 8th grade for academic purposes, but I suddenly realized that reading is really fun. It triggered me to indulge myself in books more often and I also started to collect novels to accomplish my goal of having a huge library someday. On the other hand, writing isn’t my forte. Although, most of the time, I always try to practice and train myself in that field. Reading other’s works and writings helped me to further improve my writing skills. When I encounter a new word, I always try to find its meaning and add it to my vocabulary which I will use in future writing tasks if necessary. I joined in the English Journalism class in school hoping to harness my skills even better.


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