Written works and outputs made in Reading & WritingΒ and Oral Communication courses.

“Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.” – William Wordsworth


Posted Written Works (READING AND WRITING)

Synthesis Paper (What is Drug Addiction?)

Personal Essay (A Part of Me)

Memoir (Friends I Call ‘Family’)

Compare and Contrast (Famous Story Tellers of this Age)

Credo (The Unbreakable Vows)

Editorial Paper (A Matter of Awareness and Responsibility)

Before and After (A Fable for Tomorrow)

Coming to an Awareness of Language by Malcolm X

Posted Written Works (ORAL COMMUNICATION)

Narrative Essay (Special)

Procedural Essay (How to Manage Depression)

Exemplification Essay (Examples of Depression)

Problem and Solution Essay (Juvenile Delinquency and Media Illiteracy)

Compare and Contrast Essay (The Uniqueness of My Parents)

Cause and Effect Essay (Chain Reaction)

Definition (My Definition of Family)

Classification Flow Chart (Patterns of Development)

Additional Written Tasks

Curriculum Vitae/ Resume

Business Letter


Cover Letter